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    French Saxophone Concertos

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Référence : 8225127 0636943512722 - 1 CD
En vente sur ce site depuis le 1 août 2006
Date parution numérique : 9 juin 2000
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Gremelle Daniel

Saxophone Concerto No. 2
Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Orchestra
Cure Antoine

Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Orchestra

Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra, Kosice

he world premiere performance of Patrice Sciortino"s Sonances is included in a programme of three highly contrasting 20th century French works for saxophone and orchestra. Jean Rivier is one of the "father figures" in contemporary French music, his position as Professor of Composition at the Paris Conservatoire during the second half of the century having a major influence on music in Europe. He shared that part of his life with the creation of a large catalogue of the most elegant and attractive scores. Pierre Max Dubois was still a student at the Paris Conservatoire when he received a major French Radio commission, and he was subsequently to win the prestigious Prix de Rome. Dubois belongs to the school of Milhaud, his virtuoso handling of the saxophone creating a score full of pungency and fun. As a writer of plays and books, Patrice Sciortino enjoys the dual role with that of an avant garde opera and symphonic composer. In Sonances he explores the juxtaposition of the solo saxophone with differing groups of orchestral instruments, creating a fascinating kaleidoscope of sound colours.

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